Commit 0a98662c authored by Robert Czechowski's avatar Robert Czechowski
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Revert "Add workaround for PMS OAuth provider giving inconsistently typed school data"

This reverts commit 311b351f.
parent 311b351f
......@@ -1250,15 +1250,6 @@ fn oauth_pms(req: &mut Request, oauth_provider: OauthProvider, school_id: Option
// Unify ambiguous fields
user_data.userId = user_data.userID.or(user_data.userId);
// Workaround for PMS:
if user_data.userType == "t" || user_data.userType == "T" {
if let Some(SchoolIdOrSchoolIds::SchoolId(school_id)) = user_data.schoolId {
let mut v = Vec::new();
user_data.schoolId = Some(SchoolIdOrSchoolIds::SchoolIds(v));
// Does the user has an array of school (i.e. is he a teacher)?
if let Some(SchoolIdOrSchoolIds::SchoolIds(school_ids)) = user_data.schoolId {
// Has there been a school selected?
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