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Fix tests after changes in cleanup functions

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......@@ -935,11 +935,11 @@ fn check_cleanup() {
let csrf = &content[pos + 39..pos + 49];
let params = [("csrf_token", csrf)];
let mut resp ="http://localhost:8091/admin/cleanup").form(&params).send().unwrap();"http://localhost:8091/admin/cleanup/hard").form(&params).send().unwrap();
assert_eq!(resp.status(), StatusCode::OK);
let content = resp.text().unwrap();
assert_eq!(content, "{\"status\":\"ok\",\"n_users\":1,\"n_groups\":0,\"n_teachers\":0,\"n_other\":0}\n");
assert_eq!(content, "{\"status\":\"ok\",\"n_user\":1,\"n_group\":0,\"n_teacher\":0,\"n_other\":0}\n");
// Check old account no longer existing
let mut resp = client.get("http://localhost:8091/admin/user/2").send().unwrap();
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