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# The Medal Contest Platform ![Logo](static/images/medal_logo_small.png)
# ![Logo](static/images/medal_logo_small.png) The Medal Contest Platform
......@@ -9,8 +9,18 @@ Medal is a small platform for in-browser running contest written in rust.
It is designed for the German "Jugendwettbewerb Informatik", a computer science contest with tasks using Google Blockly as a programming language-replacement.
Try it out on!
**Try it out on [](**
[Benutzerhandbuch (German manual)](manuals/
## Screenshots
## Translation
# How to run Medal under Windows (64 bit)
Prerequisites: Rust, Cargo and git are already installed
## 1. Install vcpkg
Description by Microsoft:
1. Clone git repository from
2. In new folder „vcpkg“ run „bootstrap-vcpkg.bat“
## 2. Install OpenSSL and sqlite3 with vcpkg
1. Go to the folder vcpkg via the commandline
2. Enter the following commands:
vcpkg install openssl:x64-windows
vcpkg install sqlite:x64-windows
## 3. Set the environment variables:
The following environment variables need to be set:
- OPENSSL_DIR should point to „vcpkg\packages\openssl-windows_x64-windows“ (This means in my case: `C:\Users\<Nutzername>\Documents\vcpkg\packages\openssl-windows_x64-windows`)
- OPENSSL_LIB_DIR should point to „vcpkg\packages\openssl-windows_x64-windows\lib“
- SQLITE3_LIB_DIR should point to „vcpkg\packages\sqlite3_x64-windows\lib“
## 4. Copy sqlite3.dll into the right place
Copy „sqlite3.dll“ from `\vcpkg\packages\sqlite3_x64-windows\bin` to `medal-prototype`.
# Medal unter Windows (64 bit) zum laufen bringen
Voraussetzung: Rust und Cargo sind bereits installiert
Voraussetzung: Rust und Cargo, sowie git sind bereits installiert
## 1. vcpkg installieren:
Ausführliche Anleitung von Microsoft:
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