Commit 8404cbfc authored by Robert Czechowski's avatar Robert Czechowski
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Do not show incomplete accounts in teacher group overview

parent 642cfb38
......@@ -842,11 +842,11 @@ pub fn show_group<T: MedalConnection>(conn: &T, group_id: i32, session_token: &s
let v: Vec<MemberInfo> =
.map(|m| MemberInfo { id:,
firstname: m.firstname.clone().unwrap_or_else(|| "".to_string()),
lastname: m.lastname.clone().unwrap_or_else(|| "".to_string()),
.filter_map(|m| Some(MemberInfo { id:,
firstname: m.firstname.clone()?,
lastname: m.lastname.clone()?,
grade: grade_to_string(m.grade),
logincode: m.logincode.clone().unwrap_or_else(|| "".to_string()) })
logincode: m.logincode.clone()? }))
data.insert("group".to_string(), to_json(&gi));
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