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Template jwinf: Change footer links to be configurable via config.json

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...@@ -119,19 +119,21 @@ ...@@ -119,19 +119,21 @@
<nobr>Medal v{{medal_version}}</nobr> <nobr>Medal v{{medal_version}}</nobr>
&nbsp; &nbsp; · &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; · &nbsp; &nbsp;
{{/if}} {{/if}}
<a href="">Quellcode</a> <a href="">Quellcode</a>
&nbsp; &nbsp; · &nbsp; &nbsp; {{#if config.footer_links}}
<a href="">Datenschutz</a> {{#each config.footer_links}}
&nbsp; &nbsp; · &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; · &nbsp; &nbsp;
<a href="">Impressum</a> {{{ this }}}
&nbsp; &nbsp; · &nbsp; &nbsp; {{/each}}
<nobr>🖂 <a href=""></a></nobr> {{/if}}
{{#if teacher}} {{#if teacher}}
&nbsp; &nbsp; · &nbsp; &nbsp; {{#if config.footer_links_teacher_only}}
<nobr>☏ 0228 9762 6999</nobr> {{#each config.footer_links_teacher_only}}
&nbsp; &nbsp; · &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; · &nbsp; &nbsp;
<nobr><a href="">Bug melden</a></nobr> {{{ this }}}
{{/if}} {{/each}}
</p> </p>
<!-- <p>Diese Wettbewerbsplattform ist freie Software.</p> --> <!-- <p>Diese Wettbewerbsplattform ist freie Software.</p> -->
<p> <p>
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