Version 1.5.0

Release 1.5

Important changes

  • Teachers from PMS OAuth provider now have to select a school on login. For every different school a different medal account is created.
  • A sign up page can be enabled by setting the crate feature signup.
  • A contest can now have a message above the tasks. It is set by the message key in its YAML file.
  • Task grades are now transmitted from task to platform as relative percentages instead of absolute points.


  • A contest can now consist of zero tasks.

Other changes

  • Color of challenge section on index page is now a bit brighter and more orange.
  • Issue tracker is linked in footer for teachers and version number is shown. (Except for people with no cookie set yet … for reasons!)
  • Password login can now be enabled in config.
  • A German manual explains the usage of the platform for housekeepers.