Version 1.6.0

Release 1.6

Important changes

  • Sex and grade settings can now be configured in config file
  • Medal now throws errors if a teacher logs in but no school information has been given in config file
  • OAuth backend now selected by new config key medal_oauth_type (required)
  • Contest export: Export PMS id and PMS school id in separate columns
  • OAuth login school selector now temporarily allows to login without a school again


  • Medal no longer crashes and serves empty pages when database connetion is interrupted
  • CSV (group and group result) downloads now have the correct mime type (text/csv)
  • Admin interface can now show user that are logged out
  • Admin interface can now delete groups and participations

Other changes

  • Improved mobile experience for different mobile browsers and tables
  • Higher resolution logos for main page
  • Base template now contains sponsors section with logos
  • Unicode characters on front page replaced by SVG images
  • Change tab colours for new task layout in Jugendwettbewerb Informatik
  • Add title and favicon to tasks
  • Page dbstatus can now be configured to require a secret string
  • Admin interface cleaned up: Shows the user status and make the user id less prominent
  • Admin interface: Search now case insensitive
  • Admin interface now links to dbstatus page